We Love Ruth!

Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky
Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky

As the leaves change their color and fall to the ground, and the chill in the air sneaks in, there is also change at The Village Potters. 

Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky joined us for a residency here at The Village Potters exactly 2 years ago. We all knew her stay was only for a season but knowing this does not make transition easy when it comes.

Highly creative people often need change and new experiences to spark their creative energy. Ruth’s stay here with us was just that. She came on an adventure, living here during the week in her camper, lovingly named “Sweet Pea”, and then home to Burnsville on the weekends. During her season here she fully immersed herself in the community while maintaining her business with her husband Michael Rutkowsky in Burnsville, NC.

During Ruth’s residency she worked in her personal studio. She sold her beautiful work in our gallery. She was a mentor in our Advanced Studies Program and an instructor in our Teaching Center. She took a workshop with me “Pushing Your Pots to Another Level” and a sculpture workshop with Tina Curry, “Creative Animal Sculpture”. Her stay here opened doors for her to explore ideas for new directions in her work.

Ruth joined us for community, inspiration, collaboration, and purpose. Isn’t that what we all want? I believe Ruth found all these things here.

So, what’s next? Well, Ruth is going back to work full time at her home studio. Immersing herself in new directions in her work. I imagine her sculpting, and exploring low fired pots, two things she talks about a lot now. But we all will just have to watch and see.

We will miss Ruth, but we know our bonds now are established, rooted in love, and she will be a part of us, always.

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