Village Conversations: ‘It Takes A Village’

Village Conversations is an ongoing series of posts by each of The Village Potters, on a number of topics. It’s true that you’re only seeing one side of the conversation, but you’re welcome to join in with comments!

Today’s Village Conversation is from VP Judi Harwood:

A Call to all lone ranger artisans…

Judi Harwood, The Village PottersI’ve been making pottery for 13 years.  Early on, I did work with Melanie, (now also a Village Potter) for a season, but for the most part – alone.  A number of years ago a few of us began seriously discussing the possibility of moving into the River Arts District to work together, a cooperative endeavor.  Sarah had actually been dreaming and contemplating this for years.

The Village PottersSo, after many months of work to make it happen, here we are at Riverview Station, six professional potters rubbing shoulders daily in a 4,000 square foot dream facility with working studios, a teaching center and exquisite gallery!

So, here is the call:  If you’ve been working alone, and considering such a major undertaking, wondering if it can really be done, and if it’s worth the struggle, GO FOR IT!

The Village PottersDo you guys always get along, you may ask?  Or, isn’t it ever difficult?  Let me answer your questions with a question.  Aren’t the best things in life worth the struggle?  It’s the interaction with others with similar passion and vision that keeps you going when it does get rough.

The Village PottersSo, here at the Village Potters, it does ‘take a village’ just to do daily life together.  And we have an expression I’ll end with to encourage you to stop ‘doing it alone’.

“We like us!”  And, we do.

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