Upcoming Master Series Workshop in March

Upcoming Master Series Workshop in March

The Village Potters Master Series Presents:
Slab Construction and Surface Design
with Barbara Knutson

“Hanging onto my roots while finding
new directions”

Barbara is a gifted potter and teacher. Her career spans many decades working in Vermont, North Carolina and now, Florida. This is two days of demonstrations in hand building with soft slabs using texture and patterns with an emphasis on form and structure.

When:       March 30-31 2012
Friday and Saturday 9am-4pm
Location: The Village Potters Teaching Center
Riverview Station in the River Arts District, Asheville NC
Fee:          $125.00

“My images come from natural sources. The fish motif comes from a visit to the Tampa Aquarium where they had northern brook trout in a small chilled tank with water rushing – the fish were swimming through thousands of bubbles in one direction. I also use the Gingko leaf. The Gingko tree is considered a “living fossil” surviving unchanged for over 200 million years. It is a living link between the remote past and the world today. More recently I’ve been inventing leaves from images of my trip to the amazon with its lush green growth.

Working with slabs of clay that are still wet and soft allows me to give the pottery a pillow softness and sensuous gesture with feet, necks, and shoulders suggestive of animated human forms.” Barbara Knutson

This is our second workshop hosted here at The Village Potters and it is sure to be inspiring, educating, and fun! Let’s glean from Barbara’s perspective, skill, experience, and passion. We will also draw from each other as we spend time together.

Pots by Barbara Knutson

2 Day Workshop Fee: $125.00 Capacity: 20 Artists
Check Payable to:
The Village Potters
Mail Check to:
The Village Potters,
191 Lyman St., Suite 180, Asheville, NC 28801


Email for more information
: info@thevillagepotters.com
Phone: 828-253-2424
Call to pay with Credit Card: Visa MC Discover

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  1. I was wondering if you will be having any one or two day pottery workshops in May? I am wanting to give pottery making lessons as a gift to my parents for their anniversary. Although I am having trouble finding lessons/workshops that are only for one or two days.

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