American Craft Week: Craft Creates Community!

the village potters, asheville, nc, pottery, gallery, american craft week

We are so excited to take part in this project with American Craft Week in Western North Carolina! The theme this year has been “Craft creates…”, which is an open question that has been answered across the country in many ways. Craft creates passions, industry, jobs – the list goes on! Here in WNC, we are proclaiming that Craft Creates Community, and that certainly resonates with us here at The Village Potters!

As a part of this year’s celebration, a banner proclaiming “Craft Creates Community” will be created among various area arts organizations. Each group will be given one of the letters in the word Community and asked to decorate it in a way that shows the theme.

the village potters, asheville, nc, pottery, ceramics, gallery, american , craft week, craft creates community

Here at The Village, we’ve been given the opportunity to represent the River Arts District with the letter “O”. We’re turning that O into the RADA cog that you see throughout the area, and we’re inviting area artists to come and help us represent the crafts found in the River Arts District on our panel. We’re creating a decorated canvas that will hold clay tiles decorated by members of the River Arts District in all mediums. When you visit us between now and the end of American Craft week on October 11, you can see various stages of our project coming to life! Once the piece is finished, it will join the other letters of the word Community to complete a larger banner that reads “Craft Creates Community” that will be displayed at various arts events and organizations throughout western North Carolina.

Stay tuned for more details, and come celebrate Craft with us!

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