The Village Potters

The Village Potters has been a dream for me, Sarah Rolland for years. When a dream moves from hopes and plans and into reality it is a season like no other. George, my husband and I are in that season.
George is the kind of supportative husband a woman hopes and prays for. When I dream he agrees and then goes bigger. It has always been this way with us. Now in this season he is working long hours after work and weekends to make this amazing Center, The Village Potters a reality. It is an exceptional facility.
We have a beautiful Gallery exhibiting and selling the work the Village Potters; me, Sarah Rolland, Judi Harwood, Catherine Jarosz, Melanie Robertson, and Lori Theriault. We also will be exhibiting the work of my sister, painter Fleta Monaghan of 310 Art right next door. Several other exceptional Artists; Blazing Shuttles by Kathryn Weber (Fiber), Sondra Dorn (2D Fiber), Jenny Buckner (Painting), Nan Jacobsohn (Sculpture), Barbara Knutson (Pottery) and Shadow May (Sculpture) will be showing in our Gallery as well..
I hope you will email us to recieve an invitation to our Gala Opening at
We are so excited to share our love for life, clay and art with all who come to see us!
Sarah Rolland
Village Potter

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