Shapes of Summer: A Pop-Up Show

What are the Shapes of Summer? At The Village Potters Clay Center you can experience the shapes of summer as interpreted by 13 wonderful potters currently in our Advanced Studies Program. This is a one day pottery pop up show you don’t want to miss.

On Saturday, June 10th from 11-4 pm these diverse and skilled potters will display and sell their work just outside our center. You will see everything from bright colorful patterns, to intriguing imagery on functional pots, to woodfired pieces, and beautiful saggar fired vessels. Potters who study with us spend concentrated time from 1 to 3 years exploring and discovering their personal creative expression with clay. 

Here is a glimpse into the 13 potters that will be exhibiting. Check out each potter’s unique expressions in clay.

Amanda Bragaw spends most of her days at the wheel making functional shapes that offer a smooth canvas for her rich palette of satin and gloss contrasting colored surfaces. She has been formulating her glazes for several years now and her work is lovely and very smooth to the touch. 

Chad Caldwell, aka Artfully Appalachian, is a mountain made artist. When he is not teaching art or making art he is either in the woods or on the river. Nature is everywhere in his work, from the mountain ranges to beautiful greenery. He has spent many hours exploring glazes and underglazes to create the color palettes that he loves, the colors of nature.

Melissa Henry Makes beautiful earthy functional pots. Missie has explored with deep red clay, texture, matte and Shino glazes. Her aesthetic brings attention to the earth and warm neutral color. 

Diana Hoover is a potter who creates minimalist forms and then uses those forms as her canvas for bright color and shapes. Her work is controlled and specific, and she also makes pieces that incorporate the opposite, applying color in loose random motions. 

Leah Mangum of Solita Designs crosses the divide of functional pots and sculpture. She uses multiple techniques from wheel throwing, handbuilding and sculpting. Her work celebrates women and draws inspiration from the female form. 

Kyra Pruitt has been on a journey of discovery with both functional pots and alternative fired vessels. Some of her most recent work is vessels and pots enhanced with deep brownish blacks with subtle sparkles. She embraces the beauty of simplicity and form.

Kat Reeves makes functional pots using familiar symbols in our lives. She explores with high fired reduction pots and mid range oxidation pots. These 2 very different atmospheres give her work very different color palettes from earthy rich color and bright clear colors. 

Kristen Rust has been developing a body of work that is inspired by her two favorite places, the mountains and the sea. When you see her work you will find beautifully carved mountain ranges in amber greens and soft slips with silky cool blues. Kristen is also a professional photographer.

Lindsay Rust is on a journey with porcelain and white stoneware. These claybodies give her the perfect surfaces for her designs and love for color. She makes work on the wheel and with handbuilding, too. When you see and touch her work you can see her eye for detail and recognize her love for nature and color.

Martha Savitzky is a handbuilder and sculptor. She loves to celebrate the mighty oak tree, creating many ways to look at its beauty. Using carving and sculpting techniques Martha creates pieces that unveil organic beauty and strong contrasting monochromatic designs.

Zulema (Zu) Seguel explores the woodfire aesthetic. She makes shapes that cause you to look closely at the form and discover how the atmosphere has created a changing surface on her pots. Her forms undulate and curve and the wood ash lights on the edges to create even more interest on the pot.

Cara Steinbuchel is both a potter and a savvy business person. She makes pottery for everyday life. When you look at her pots with her she will show you the smallest details in the surface or form that many would miss but that she beams about it with delight. She finds joy in her process and her pots. She is also the founder and creator of Cara Mae Potters Skin Butter and Lotion. 

Jonathan Warner, he makes pots filled with imagery that celebrates life and you will most certainly laugh as you look closely. Jonathan spends many hours on the surface of each of his pieces. He is a graphic artist professionally and his eye for detail and intention are easily recognized in his work.

Saturday, June 10, 2023
From 11AM – 4PM at
The Village Potters Clay Center