Rosie, the big and beautiful

By Sarah Wells Rolland

Rosie is our very BIG beautiful pot, full of hope, love and empathy. Her beginnings started in November of 2016. As SarahandRosiemany have, we’ve had some unique challenges over the past year or so. For many people hopes and fears were high and we needed to do something. So, The Village went to work channeling hope, joy, love, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, grace, and empathy. It was not only cathartic, but also contagious. We worked together to create a piece that shared the fruit of the spirit, it brought life not only to ourselves, but also to the studio, our community, and our nation. Rosie was born. We named this piece Rosie because she represents keeping hope alive!

Rosie will be aptly displayed at the downtown Hopey & Co. store in downtown Asheville. Danette Hopey, owner of Hopey & Co. is a bright light in our community and also one of our advanced studies students. Rosie will be for sale with 50% of the proceeds going to scholarships for students at The Village Potters.Lori and Sarah Rosie

If you want to see her in person just give us a call and we can tell you how to find her.

(828) 253-2424