Resident Village Potters

Village Potter, Cat Jarosz demonstrating at a workshop

 The resident Village Potters are as diverse as they are wonderful!!!

Judi Harwood is a Raku Artist and Sculptor. Judi has been making pots for years, selling in galleries and shows. She is an experienced ceramics instructor, teaching in private schools, private lessons and retirement communities.Her encouragement and gentleness coupled with her eagerness to learn new techniques makes her a wonderful teacher. She is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and will be exhibiting at Southern Highland Craft Fair at the Asheville Civic Center Oct 20-23.

Cat Jarosz has been a professional potter for over 20 years and is a much sought after potter in the region. Her work is exquisite in design and executed with the finesse of a master craftsmen. Cat teaches workshops and mentors emerging artists. She is a member of Carolina Designer Craftsmen, Piedmont Craftsmen and Southern Highland Craft Guild. Cat will be exhibiting at the upcoming Southern Highland Craft Fair.

Melanie Mitchell Robertson is a Raku Artist who is passionate about education. Nurturing creativity in others is a primary focus of hers. She is passionate about children and also serves as the Children’s Pastor at Access Church Asheville. Melanie is the director of The Village Potters Center and a member of the Southern Highlands Craft Guild. She has a degree in Education and has years of experince working with others to create exciting art classes and programs.

Lori Theriault is a wonderful professional potter who shows and sells her work across the region. Lori’s work has an exquisite fluid quality. She uses gestural brush work with wax to create amazing surface design on functional pieces. Lori has been an instructor in clay for years and has students that are now making and selling their work on their own path. This is the fruit of an amazing teacher.

Sarah Wells Rolland has been making pots for several decades. She has traveled all over the South Eastern US exhibiting in art shows and she sells her work in numerous prestigious galleries. Sarah is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. She and her husband, George are the owners of The Village Potters and are so delighted to partner with these other wonderful potters, teachers and friends.

The Village Potters are committed to an environment of creativity, skill and community. Above all else we want to live and love well!

Please come to our Opening Gala Nov 19th 6-8 pm and meet these wonderful potters!

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