Potter Spotlight: Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky

Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky is highly creative and created for community. She has been a resident potter with The Village Potters Clay Center (TVPCC) for almost a year. However, her journey into clay long precedes us. She has been a potter for well over a decade, mostly creating work in conjunction with her husband, Michael Rutkowsky as the second arm to Rutkowsky Pottery. Her transition to TVPCC came out of a desire to serve as an educator, and in a larger network of potters.

Ruth’s beautiful slip trailing surface design
Sculptural Fish by Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky

Ruth’s work spans from functional to sculptural, and is fired to cone 10 (2345 degrees F) in a gas reduction kiln. She creates pieces that can enliven a home’s kitchen, table, living spaces, and even the garden. Ruth can lend a special place in people’s lives by creating commemorative pieces to honor various special moments and loved ones in people’s lives. Looking at Ruth’s work you’ll notice inspiration from her German-Norwegian and Midwestern roots. Her surface design, patterning, and more sculptural forms will make you feel warm, grounded, and whimsical at the same time. You’ll see that she often etches in slip sgraffito words and verses that are contemplative and thought provoking. Infusing her work like this allows her to share her sense of wonder and beauty for life and the world.

Ruth will be demonstrating some of her intricate surface design techniques at the Multi-Kiln Opening Celebration. The layers of detail and design can really only be fully absorbed in person, and she’s looking forward to sharing her skill and technique. When asked what excites her about the upcoming MKO, Ruth said it’s not just one thing! It’s a fall kick off, it’s starting a new season together, it’s meeting people and connecting with fellow pottery lovers, collectors, and making new friends!

Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky

Come and join Ruth, our other resident potters, and all of our TVP family for our Annual Multi Kiln Opening Celebration on Saturday, October 1st from 11am-4pm at The Village Potters Clay Center in Asheville, NC!

See more details about the MKO here!