Pots that Pour: An Online Class Exhibition

This exhibition is a celebration of a select group of potters who together studied Pouring Vessels of all kinds for 6 weeks with me, Sarah Wells Rolland. The potters in this class are seasoned beginners, intermediate and advanced potters, having made pots from twenty years to one year.
Each week we studied images of ten amazing pouring vessels made by various professional potters, We discussed their nuances and the techniques used. Then I would demonstrate a form I developed using that weeks techniques. This group of amazing potters from all over the United States and the world, made pouring vessels, in their own studios and some in community studios. They made pots using the techniques we explored that week. We shared our work each week and celebrated our progress. All twenty two of my online students and nine on location students were invited to exhibit. Eleven chose to participate. Each potter photographed their own work, following a simple but consistent format. Then with a few edits on my part, we achieved this wonderful online exhibition.

The exhibitors, both online and on location students, in alphabetical order are:
Anne Lythgoe, Gema Vizcay-Barrena, Janet Coughlin, Joan Glusiec, Jonellyn Dittenhauser, Judy Muncy, Kate Knowles, Leonora Lev, Martha Peddicord, Sophie Miller and Suzanne Bruckmann.

Anne Lythgoe
Columbus, Ohio

“There is no other feeling that compares to the moment when someone says how much they enjoy using a cup or bowl or table centerpiece that I have made. In finding my way with clay for many years, this feeling never gets old. I hope that I will always have the passion to learn new things and explore new ways in which others can enjoy my work as functional, beautiful, and fun.”

“I am a scientist turned potter, inspired by nature and driven by curiosity. I experiment with shapes, forms and glazes. Working from my small home studio, I love making pots that feel good in your hands and lift your spirits when you use them.”

Gema Vizcay-Barrena
Bedford United Kingdom
MiaZoi Ceramics

Janet Coughlin
Helena, Montana

“I took my first pottery class at college and then took community classes at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts. Over the next 28 years I was in and out of doing pottery. Every time I come back to doing clay, I feel centered, even when my pot may not be. I am back into setting up my own studio and being a hobby potter.

Joan Gluseic
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

“I am a retired special education teacher who loves to do anything creative. I took my first pottery class in high school and have been demonstrating the pottery wheel at a local historic farm for close to twenty years.”

Jonellyn Dittenhauser
Hartsville, South Carolina
J Dittenhauser Ceramics

“I have played with clay off and on for the past 10 years. Three years ago I turned my pool shed into a pottery shed and I am simply adoring it. The Study From Afar Program is my first formal “class” experience and I LOVE every minute of it. Thank you Village Potters for this wonderful opportunity to learn.”

Judy Muncy
Portland, Oregon

“Although I had taken a few pottery courses many (many!) years ago, I began studying and working with clay in earnest in 2013, as I was inching towards retirement from the legal profession. I work primarily with porcelain clay; it’s smooth, white surface is the perfect canvas for experimenting with various surface design techniques.”

Kate Morgan Knowles
Nashville, Indiana
Mudgirl’s Studio

“As a creative child, my grandmother & mother were my champions. Found objects such as bird’s nests, feathers, and seed pods gathered by us on our farm walks , lined our window sills: “finds of the day”, my Granddad would say! Now, nearly 70 this June, my hands still create organic clay forms . I ‘m still intrigued creating bulbous pods, birds, nests, as they tell the story of my life, my aging , my days of loss/sorrow, and of course rebirth and joy!”

Leonora Lev
Asheville, North Carolina

“My intention is to create beauty. I want to bring emotions to the public. I am grateful for the clay which allows me to explore forms in three dimensions.”

Martha Peddicord
Ninety Six, South Carolina
The Earthworks

“I work with cone 6 electric firings and make functional stoneware with an eye toward a beautiful home and table. My goal when working is to make the piece that a young bride receives that many years later, her children have to draw straws for, because they all remember it being “Mom’s Favorite Piece “. I want to make your family’s heirlooms.”

Sophie Miller
Asheville, NC

“Taking up pottery during this strange year has been such a wonderful outlet. For me, pottery is therapy, meditation, play, and expression. I am enjoying finding my voice through my pots, and love the constant challenge & curiosity that working with clay provides!”

Suzanne Bruckmann
Nassau, Bahamas

“My love of clay began more than 30 years ago, but it wasn’t until my children left home that I had the time to pursue it. Functional ware is my interest. The process, the centeredness that it requires, is my joy.”

Sarah Wells Rolland
The Village Potters Clay Center
I want to personally thank all my students for choosing to study with me. I especially thank these eleven potters who choose to do the extra work to be in this online exhibition. I have had such a delightful time working with these exhibitors and over 50 other potters. This exhibition is a celebration of amazing potters who love challenge, creativity and clay. I hope to continue with these online exhibitions featuring student work in my next class, Exploring The Teapot, that begins in May.