Keira Peterson – ISM Class of 2022

“The ISM program at The Village Potters is truly an invaluable experience. My technique and confidence in my work has grown exponentially under the mentorship of the master resident potters and wonderful TVP community. I have not only honed my technical skills but was encouraged to go outside my comfort zone and explore new styles and ideas. In particular, the support and insight I received to explore glaze development, and the access to the materials and educational workshops to enable that exploration, was paramount in finding “my style” of work and vastly expanded my scientific knowledge of ceramics.

Looking back, I had no idea how truly limited my knowledge in the field was until now, after 3 years with The Village. I heartily believe the ISM program and TVP community as a whole offered everything I could dream of to transform me into a refined and knowledgable professional ceramicist and confident pottery instructor. I cannot thank them enough and, despite graduating from the ISM program, I know that I have found my pottery family– it’s not good-bye but see you later!”

Keira’s work can be found in person at our incubator studios, 2nd Story Potters, in Asheville’s Riverside Station, online at, or on facebook/instagram/tiktok @keiramariedesigns. She will also be at North Carolina Ceramic Arts Festival in Pack Square downtown Asheville on October 22nd 2022 from 10am-5pm, and continues to teach beginner classes Wednesdays at The Village Potters.

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