Katie Meili Messersmith: A Resident Potter

We are so excited to announce that Katie Meili Messersmith/Katie Meili Pottery, is now officially a permanent resident potter here at The Village Potters Clay Center! Katie’s story and journey in clay is as fascinating and beautiful as her work. When she went to college her plans were laid out before her. But as life can so often do, Katie had experiences that led her down an unexpected, exciting, and creative path. 

I first met Katie in May of 2018, when she was an emerging potter on a quest to be challenged and grow. Katie and her mother came into The Village, we chatted about a specific class I love to teach for intermediate and advanced potters. Katie shared her passion for clay and how she needed instruction that would challenge her. She signed up for an advanced class that Julia Mann and I were teaching together. All I could say was, “wow!” Katie is so adept in skill that we all had our eye on her from the start. 

As we grew to know Katie, we grew to love her. She is not only extremely talented and creative but Katie is a natural teacher and leader. She is kind, empathic, and determined. In a word, she is wonderful! So, we offered her a 2-year apprenticeship and she joined our team! Katie spent those years immersed in our Independent Study and Mentoring Program. She explored form, honed and expanded her skillset, developed and tested glazes until she discovered her own glaze palette and created the beautiful body of work you see now. 

As Katie was planning her dream the whole team of resident potters knew we wanted to keep her if possible. I began discussing that option with her as we watched her work develop. Katie loves the community, she is highly relational, transparent, and a delight to work with. So, you can only imagine our joy when she decided to join us!

Katie is a potter to keep your eye on. You might want to get a piece now and then continue to add to your collection over time. You can see her work now in our gallery, online in January 2021, or find her teaching classes!

If you want to order with her you can reach her at <katie @ thevillapotters.com> and be sure to follow her:

Instagram at www.instagram.com/katiemeilipottery

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/katiemeilipottery

Sarah Wells Rolland, Founder and Ceramic Artist

The Village Potters Clay Center