January Master’s Series Workshop: Nan Jacobsohn

Nan Jacobsohn
January 27-28, 2012, 9am – 4pm

Bas Relief Tile by Nan Jacobsohn

During our second workshop with Nan Jacobsohn, we will explore Bas Relief Sculpture: a process that combines the best of two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques. Sculptural tile, Bas Relief is a challenging and exciting surface in clay using various handmade texture tools. Nan will make a plaster mold of a tile in order to press multiple copies. We will cover special considerations and techniques adhering tile to walls to create large installations. This demonstration workshop will equip us to return to our studios and explore this exciting technique!

“I don’t know when the urge to create began.  It has always been there from earliest memory.  It started with painting and drawing, but once I discovered sculpture and particularly clay, over twenty years ago, I was totally obsessed.  There is a prose poem by Byrd Baylor that states, “Clay remembers the hands that made it.”  I love the fact that you connect directly with the clay with your fingers and it responds like a living thing.  Although many images inspire me and I sculpt a variety of subjects, the image of the horse and women’s stories are my passion.

I use a variety of construction techniques.  My pieces are mainly coil built, but slab methods and solid modeling (with subsequent hollowing of the shape) are also employed.  I smoke-fire, Raku, saggar-fire or glaze the sculpture depending on the desired finish.  I am especially drawn to smoke and saggar firing because of the added life the fire imparts to the image. No matter how excited I may be about a finished sculpture, there is always an overwhelming sense of anticipation about the next one to grow out of the clay.”

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