It’s the Season for New Endeavors!!!

Bowl By Village Potter and Instructor, Lori Theriault


Everyone is given a creative edge. Many of us have nurtured this most of our lives and others want to get on the creative path as soon as possible. The Village Potters Teaching Center is ready to share and contribute to your journey.

A class with clay is a great way to explore creativity in an easy and engaging environment. Explore working at the wheel (throwing), handbuilding, sculpting, carving, glazing, and firing your own work in a small group setting.

Village Potters Judi Harwood, Melanie Robertson, and Lori Theriault have been preparing diligently for this coming session of classes. All of these ladies are experienced instructors and are dedicated to their students and their individual journeys.

If you have been thinking about getting started in something fun and being stretched a bit, a pottery class at The Village is for you.

Classes are beginning in just 2 weeks Oct 29th!  It is time to sign up now. We do have “Early Bird” incentives!!!!

Read more about the classes and the times they are offered here on our website.

We are located at Riverview Station in The River Arts District, Asheville, NC.

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