Holiday Love from The Village Potters

The Village Potters, Collective, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays(l-r: Cat, Judi, Lori, Sarah, Mel, Karen .. Bernie is always here with us in spirit, but he wasn’t here for this picture. Thank you Emily Berls for taking the picture and welcome to Riverview Station!)

We’d just finished a lavish group breakfast and Christmas fun gift exchange when a giant box of luscious chocolates arrived from two of our favorite collectors and friends (thank you SO much Rick & Mary Webb!), so it could be the slightly elevated sugar levels that have us so sentimental. But as we prepare to take a much deserved break (we’re open through Saturday, 10am-6pm for your holiday shopping needs!) we look back at this year, and we look at each other, and we are in awe.

Brenda Seright Williams recently wrote a beautiful article in Sophie Magazine entitled “Soul Medicine“. We paraphrase with gratitude from her article because it resonated so strongly with us that we read it aloud to each other today as a part of our holiday gathering:

“…the potential for connection is in every moment of every day. …our tribe offers encouragement and support of all kinds, and yes, even medicine in the form of connection. With turmoil in our outer world, it is more important that we have peace, and those who support that, in our inner world.”

We are certainly aware of and extremely grateful for the tribe that we have created at The Village Potters, but it extends beyond the seven of us within these walls. Our tribe includes our families, our friends, our students, our patrons and collectors, our extended families in faith, and many we have not met yet connect with daily in various ways, including in posts like this.

As we head toward our lovely break, time with family and friends, we send out to each and every one of you a warm wish for a holiday filled with love and laughter, and a New Year brimming with possibility and potential!

The Village Potters, Collective, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Yay Us