Exploration: The Creative Journey

Exploration is what sparks us to make pots and keeps us making pots. If we ever feel we have arrived, all our forms are spot on, all our ideas have been exhausted and our skills are at the top of our game, then I suspect, we would be creatively done. However, I believe highly creative people like us are never done. Our love for the journey of creative exploration is unending and contagious. It’s our passion. Our journey is filled with forging new paths without a final destination. We are always growing, changing and mastering our command of our medium. Just like our personal relationships, our relationship with clay is deepening and changing. 

As an instructor and mentor, I am blessed, because I get to work with you: the explorers, the highly creative people. You know who you are, potters who continue to grow, push the limits of clay, expand your skill set, develop your ability to see, and ultimately make pots that evokes joy in us and the owners of our work. 

Teaching and sharing is a major part of my personal creative journey. If you study with me, then you know my goals are simple: to Inspire and Equip. I continually ask myself, How can I share techniques that inspire creativity, nurture originality, and create an environment for an abundance of creative ideas?

In 2022, myself and all of the teaching staff here at The Village Potters Clay Center are excited to continue this journey in clay. We work with beginners, intermediate and advanced potters. Relationships are built, friendships blossom and life is richer for all of us. 

It is our joy to share in this journey and creative collaboration is what we are all about!

Online TVPCC Instructors for 2022

Sarah Wells Rolland

Lori Theriault

In person TVPCC Instructors for 2022

Julia Mann: Intermediate and Advanced Wheel Classes

Judi Harwood: Beginning Wheel and Alternative Atmosphere Classes

Christine Henry: Beginning and Intermediate Handbuilding Classes

Katie Messersmith: Beginning and Intermediate Wheel Classes

Keira Ochab Peterson: Beginning Wheel Classes

Melanie Robertson: Beginning Wheel and Surface Design Classes

Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky: Beginning and Intermediate Wheel Classes

Sarah Wells Rolland: Speciality Intermediate and Advanced Classes

Written by:
Sarah Wells Rolland

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