Day One at The Village Potters!

The first official day at The Village Potters proved to be consistant with all openings I have been part of. It was an astronomical amount of work, long hours, and a group effort that culminated into an amazing day!

We will be open again Sat Oct 8th and then be open Mon-Sat 10-6 pm consistantly!!!

The Village Potters is already a unique and exciting community experience. The five Village Potters and our neighbors in Riverview Station are partnering to make The Station an even more special destination for those wonderful people who love art and love to meet artists.

We are so blessed to be sharing in this with Helaine Greene and her sister Trudy Gould who own Riverview Station. My sister, Fleta Monaghan, painter and owner of 310 Art has been a constant encouragement. Sassafrass and Mountain Restoration are our wonderful neighbors too!

Come visit us on Oct 8th and see what we have going on!!!!

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