Community. It’s what held us together as we faced all the pandemic challenges, and it’s what was at the core of developing our Study from Afar program, which brought potters from around the globe into our extended, online community. It was integral in our decision to create Clay Week: A Potters’ Gathering, scheduled for October 4-8 of this year. We thought things were moving in a right enough direction that we could not only gather, but we could invite the members of our Afar community to join us in the joy of community firings and sharing of experience and knowledge. And so we have been steadily planning this wonderful event, with equal attention to the techniques and skills to be shared as well as the laughter and the hugs. And it is with Community foremost in mind that we have come to the difficult decision to postpone A Potters’ Gathering. As well, we have also canceled our annual Multi-Kiln Opening.

While both events were not scheduled until October, we feel that the current reality of the fast-spreading variants warrants us taking a look at how things might change between now and then, and if it’s wise to encourage large groups to gather, or travel plans that might incur non-refundable deposits, etc. We certainly don’t do this lightly, and we will be refunding all registered participants. And we will most certainly be rescheduling this event when we can more safely travel and gather, and we look forward to the laughter and the hugs at that time!

We have also re-instituted a policy of requiring masks in our Gallery and Teaching facility, and we will be requiring all registrants of our ongoing classes and Advanced Ceramics Program to be fully vaccinated. We revisit this policy on an ongoing basis, and you can find detailed information HERE.

Community is what sustains us, and we feel that our commitment, not only to our immediate TVPCC community, but to the larger community, will continue to sustain us. We will continue to look for new ways to stay connected and engaged with our community, and we thank you for your kindness, consideration, and continued support!

The Village Potters