Collective. Collaboration.

We came together at The Village Potters as a Collective of individual artists, working in Cooperation to create our Gallery, Teaching Center, and working Studios. One of the enticing features of this arrangement is the ongoing camaraderie and mentorship that has developed organically, and we each see the benefits almost daily.

But a rather exciting and invigorating consequence of our coming together has been a new ┬álevel of collaboration, not only on problem solving for matters that affect the group, but individually and in small groups. It starts with little things … ‘fixing’ a pot for someone either by suggestion or hands on assistance …

The Village Potters, Asheville, NC, Collective, Collaboration, Cooperative…sometimes multiple hands!

And now we have formal Collaboration. Sarah and Lori are working on a beautiful large, carved vase. Cat and Melanie are planning a project. Karen just “fixed” a pot that Bernie didn’t like and there are more to come. Stay tuned!