Celebrating Eights Years of Creativity, Collaboration and You

Multi-Kiln Opening Celebration: Saturday, October 12, from 11am-4pm

It’s hard to believe that it was eight years ago this October that our adventure, or as I like to call it, our “grand experiment” began. Why “experiment”? Because we were leaving the safety and comfort of our home studios. We all were choosing to integrate our personal dreams into a collective dream. It was a high risk business venture that required sacrifice, really long hours, and lots of cooperation. Thanks to a wonderful community of pottery lovers like you, it has been an adventure beyond our wildest dreams.

To celebrate each of you, our supporters, collectors, clients and friends we have decided to have our largest pottery event yet, and by reading all of this, you’ll get a little extra something. This year at our Annual Multi Kiln Opening Pottery Sale we are celebrating with the largest selection of pots and new work that we have ever presented collectively. The creativity flowing around here is at an all time high. We all are covered in clay. At times it’s even on our faces and in our hair. When you lose yourself in your work it can be all consuming and that is what is going on around the studio these days at The Village Potters Clay Center.

Lori Theriault is pushing her “Vincent Series” to another level, using white slips on dark, rich clays, she is exploring the movement in trees and sky. In the last year Lori designed a little pot called the “Sheeple”. They are snapped up everyday by visitors in our showrooms. As we say around the Village, “Sheeples needs Peoples” and they find their “peoples” from all around the world. If you have not met the sheeples yet you can at this celebration.

Lori Theriault working on a piece for the Multi Kiln Opening Celebration

Judi Harwood, is making vessels in all shapes and sizes with plans for amazing new ethereal surfaces called “The Narnia Series”. Her new work, discovered in the technique of saggar firing with mica, has been so popular she struggles to keep these pots on display. Yep, they sell that fast. She is making this series for the event and will be demonstrating some of her process along with horsehair pots.

Saggar Vessels by Judi Harwood

Tori Motyl, our newest resident potter, is digging her own “wild” clays out of her yard. She has explored firing this wild clay to the highest temperatures in several atmospheres and her results are exquisite. You can expect to see pots in the raw as well as her signature large vessels with fluid slips on monochromatic surfaces. 

Tori Motyl adding slip to a large pot

Melanie Robertson, has been focusing on slab constructed functional pots with organic textured surfaces. Her sprayed shinos leave the pot open to what the fire and atmosphere will offer. Along with these pots she is also expanding her Matisse influenced “Ladies” into beautiful Bas Relief wall pieces. 

Necklace Pendant by Melanie Robertson

Julia Mann is at the wheel every chance she gets. Her Elemental Ladies celebrate our big blue planet: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Spirit. You don’t want to miss these beauties. When she is not working on these she is making lots of wonderful, small pots perfect for the lover of all things small and perfect for holiday gifts. Pots like the littlest vases, unique soap dishes for speciality soaps, her tiny three footed pots and more will be in abundance on this special day. 

Set of Canisters by Julia Mann

Chris Henry is busy handbuilding her nature and bee loving pots. Vases, baskets, wall pockets are just some of her pieces that will be available. She is also known for her beautiful sgraffito pieces of animals, insects and flowers on porcelain. She is a nature lover and her collectors easily connect with her creativity.

Butterfly Flower piece by Christine Henry

As for me, Sarah Wells Rolland, I’m at an all time high creatively like the rest of the gang. I’ve been exploring sculpture for the first time and I’m loving the challenges and the process. I’m also throwing on the wheel many forms and sizes of bottles. I am making big pots, over one hundred mugs, and my signature work as well. If you have been thinking about purchasing a large piece of mine, this will be a great time to see a nice fresh selection of work. All these pots will be fired in the Kazegama (wood ash) kiln and high fired reduction, too. As for my sculptures, how am I going to fire them? I must confess I don’t know yet. But my experimentation with colored terra sigillata has begun and my expectations are high.

Sarah Rolland working on Sculpture with a little help from her friends.

If this sounds like a lot, it’s because it is. We have been working and planning this event for you for several months now. An exhibition called “Women of Influence” debuts on this day too. All of us are making pots to “honor the women who have helped shape us”. As our Clay Center is operated daily by this amazing group of women, Lori Theriault, Judi Harwood, Tori Motyl, Melanie Robertson, Julia Mann, Chris Henry, Lindsey Mudge (our amazing Director of Operations), myself, and one very special man, my husband George Rolland, we thought it the right season to honor women, and specifically, women significant to us. 

George and Sarah Rolland

So we have set all this up not only to celebrate our eight amazing years, but to celebrate you too! 

When: Saturday Oct 12 from 11-4 pm 

We said “Over 1000 pots” and we mean it. There is sure to be something for you!

We will be opening Kilns filled with pots. 

Come see our Kazegama, Raku, Reduction, Oxidation, Saggar, Horsehair, Carved pieces, and more.

We will also have exciting demonstrations: 

See really Big pots being made on the wheel

Pots being removed from the fire, hot and horsehair applied

Watch surfaces be transformed with carving techniques 

Here’s that little extra something!

We have a beautiful give away planned. One winner will receive seven pots, made by us! When you make a purchase, you will be entered to win, and if you mention this blog, you can be entered to win without purchase (and if you do make a purchase, you’ll receive a second entry!).

To see details of scheduled demonstrations and other updates, check our Event Calendar.

We are so grateful to all of you who have been with us on this journey, and we hope you can join us! 

— Sarah Wells Rolland