Cara Mae™ Skin Care Brand Launch Party for Potters’ Skin Butter™!

We are proud to host Cara Steinbuchel to celebrate the re-brand and launch of Cara Mae™ Skin Care’s Potters’ Skin Butter™ on Saturday, February 11 from 4:00 – 7:00pm!

Join Cara and The Village Potters for this very joyous celebration. We also welcome back Johnny Harwood & Friends with some cool, jazz sounds, and of course no Village Potters party is complete without the return of the chocolate fountain!  Asheville massage therapist Rachel Horn will also be with us, offering complimentary hand massages using luscious Potters’ Skin Butter!

In the Gallery, we’ll have plenty of Cara’s lotions, in Lavender, Tangerine, and Unscented, as well as special gift pairings with pottery just in time for a thoughtful Valentine’s Gift.

About Potters’ Skin Butter

Cara Mae Skin Care, The Village Potters

Cara Steinbuchel began making Potters’ Skin Butter™ , then under the name Potters’ Skin Food, in 2004 at the request of a potter and gallery owner as a remedy for the drying effects of clay on the hands. A gift of materials from another artist got her started, and after many trials on friends’ hands, her lotion was born. In a very short time, her non-greasy lotion that stays on even after hand washing was tried and appreciated by more than just potters. Soon gardeners, rock climbers, health care professionals, restaurant workers and more were discovering the deep hydration benefits of Potters’ Skin Butter™.

In September 2011, Cara’s part-time side venture became a full-time enterprise as she began the process of creating a more professional brand and plans to expand her production. In December of 2011, she moved production of her lotions into the Blue Ridge Food Venture’s new Natural Products Manufacturing facility, where with the help of her partner and Production Catalyst, Michelle Rogers, she has more than doubled her production. In addition to her already popular Lavender and Tangerine scented lotions, this move has also allowed Cara to release an Unscented version for retail and wholesale clients.

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