Annual Multi-Kiln Opening: Saturday May 4, 2024

We hope you’ll join us again for our biggest event of the year! The 2024 Multi-Kiln Opening Celebration will be held on Saturday, May 4, and again will be a full day (11am – 4pm) of demonstrations, with a special exhibit and unique opportunity to get to know all of the resident potters of The Village Potters Clay Center and learn more about our creative process.

Most demonstrations will take place in our Teaching Center, with Alternative Firing demonstrations of course happening outside. In our gallery, you will find a large variety of pots made just for this event that have been fired in one or more of our kilns, including gas reduction, electric oxidation, all the alternative firings of raku, saggar, horse hair, and obvara, as well as our atmospheric kilns, the Kazegama, and our newest fast-fire soda kiln, “Ms. Stein”.

We will also open a special exhibit in which each of us will explore and express how nature informs our work. In some cases it may be literal, as the Fire element is present in much of our work, in others, it may be the inspiration of nature on the surface, whether it be the nature of man or the nature of the universe. 

Bookmark this page and stay tuned as we add our Demonstration Schedule and other information about the day’s events!

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