All Things Are Made New


Sarah Wells Rolland Studio

If you have ever built your home, remodeled a space or even reorganized your closet then you know that you have to make a huge mess before you have something great. It can be a challenge on many levels. It is true that many things tend toward disorder and the best laid plans require adjustment and patience. This has been true for us at The Village Potters.

We have been in a major state of change. Our ambitious expansion of 5,000 square feet began on August 15, 2017 with a beautifully thought out plan and completion date of November 1, 2017. This included plans to finish some renovations and changes to our other 7,500 square feet while we were closed for two weeks over the December holidays.

Lori Theriault StudioLike all good intentions we have been pushed to the brink! However, like all persistent believers we followed the words of Winston Churchill that inspired a war torn nation, to simply “never give up.” We are creative entrepreneurs and we will rise to challenges.

A lot has happened and frankly the list is just too long to tell in a blog, but suffice it to say we have laughed, cried, scratched our heads, made endless phone calls, and now we can see the finish line. As my husband George would say, “in the short rows.”

Our galleries have been repainted and look like a brand new penny! Our Teaching Center has moved and we will have two classrooms ready for new inspiration and creation. The resident potters have moved studios into new digs as we begin a new year. The incubator studios are completed and we have six amazing emerging artists ready to grow their businesses in clay. Our clay stock for our Laguna Clay company has found its new home in the new space, with easy access for pick up. There is a breezeway for visitors to easily move from the front to the back of the Riverview Station building.Judi Harwood Studio

Now we are putting things back into the closet so to speak and hitting the reset button. It’s exciting and just yesterday everything seemed impossible with an arctic blast in the forecast, disconnected heaters, and a sprinkler systems going haywire. But today all things are new! Hope springs eternal! Enough with the adages, quotes. and metaphors. It’s time to make new plans.

Enjoy the sneak peak and come visit! Ask for a tour when you get here. We would love to share some of stories and show you around.

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