Owner, Founder, Resident Potter, Instructor and Mentor: Sarah Wells Rolland



Sarah Wells Rolland, along with her husband George, own and founded The Village Potters in 2011, located in The River Arts District, Asheville NC.  Sarah works daily in her studio located at “The Village”. Sarah spends much of her time teaching aspiring potters around the world in intermediate and advanced techniques, and she is a mentor to many potters in skill building, business and discovering a unique aesthetic. She regularly teaches online and in-person classes and workshops.

Sarah’s work is diverse and unique body of work is sold at The Village Potters Clay Center in our Spotlight Gallery. Though for over 25 years Sarah sold her work in galleries across the US, at this point is Sarah’s career, her work is found almost exclusively at The Village Potters Gallery.

Sarah has been a member of The Southern Highland Craft Guild since 1991. Sarah has received numerous awards and grants in her career. Her work is in permanent collections in the US and abroad.

Artist Statement:
“I first discovered clay at 28 years old. A young wife and mother, I was dropping by a pottery studio where a friend of mine was taking a class. I strolled in to pick her up for lunch and upon this first encounter with clay, seeing someone at the wheel, and the scent of the earth, all my senses were captivated. Truly, I knew in that moment, I was going to make pots.

That was over 30 years ago and I am still captivated. The pursuit has grown, changed and shifted but I am more invested in the pursuit of creativity with clay than ever.

Working at the wheel, feeling the clay move, watching the shape take form continues to be a big part of my daily life. I am drawn to forms that are simple, graceful and fluid. You can see when looking at my work that the motion of the wheel and the hand of the potter are not lost in the finished piece. I purpose to celebrate all the elements of the process.

My pots are all over the world and this is a delight to me. I like to think about all the many homes and spaces that people have graced a place for something I have made.

It is an honor!”

Sarah Wells Rolland