Resident Potter: Christine Henry

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Christine is a Wisconsin native, and began her studies in clay after moving to North Carolina in 1998. She came to The Village Potters first as a student, but let it be known soon after that she wanted to become a bigger part of the Collective. After completing the Advanced Ceramics Program (Independent Study & Mentoring), she became a Resident Artist and Instructor, and enjoys teaching hand building classes. Most of Chris’ work is done by hand building, which can be a slower process than throwing on a wheel, but she loves the connection she feels with the clay. She especially enjoys the time-consuming technique of carving sgraffito into porcelain – “there is something both basic and complex about it”. She continues to share her fascination with art and nature with her husband and three young boys.

Artist Statement:

The smell of clay takes me back to my years in Wisconsin, where I spent a lot of time playing in and around rivers, marshes, and lakes. I was fascinated by watching animals in their natural surroundings. Trailing behind my father as he hunted, I was much more interested in studying the small things – the different roughness of tree barks, shapes and colors of fungi, and the texture of fur and feathers in the forest. It is not surprising that nature is an underlying theme in my work. I attempt to draw the eye of the audience to look at things from a different perspective. To take a closer look.

I still spend as much time outdoors as I can.