Caroline Renee Woolard

Resident Potter | Instructor | Media Technician


Caroline Renee Woolard (she/they) creates pottery infused with healing energy.

Caroline first discovered clay while she was healing from an eating disorder. While in school, she realized that her fixation with nutrition was rooted in diet culture and a need to control rather than nourish. Working with clay allowed her to explore what it felt like to let go of perfectionism while embracing more curiosity and playfulness. As she works with clay, she finds it to be a grounding process that reminds her of the importance of being present and open to possibility.

Caroline completed an apprenticeship with highly skilled potters at The Village Potters Clay Center in Asheville, NC where she is now a resident potter and instructor. This facility highlights the value of community, connection, and collaboration, which nurtures individuals and their creativity.

Caroline integrates healing energy and intentions into her work as she creates, which can be felt as people use her creations and display them in their homes. Each piece aspires to awaken the childlike sense of wonder and curiosity within you, reminding you of the beauty and joy that exists in the world. Her love for nature, especially the forest and the element of water can be found within the surfaces of the pots she creates. Her work explores movement through various textures on the surface with slips, carving, and sculptural elements. Each surface design is a unique expression of the energy of the moment that she creates it. 

In addition to her studio work, Caroline teaches beginner wheel classes in our Teaching Center and mentors in our Advanced Ceramics Program.

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