Featured Artist: Jenny Buckner

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Jenny Buckner grew up in Brevard, North Carolina and now lives in Waynesville. She discovered her natural gift for composition and color following a difficult time in her life. Her interest in painting was encouraged by her mother who is a local artist herself. She particularly enjoys painting animals, flowers and children and maintains a busy portrait schedule. She employs a loose impressionistic style reminiscent of European impressionist painters.


Jenny uses a variety of techniques to create depth and movement in her landscape and floral work. She chooses a strong color pallet, bounces color throughout her paintings and creatively uses light and shadows. Her education in floriculture serves as the backdrop for this work and her creative enthusiasm fuels the emotion for the body of her work.






Jenny strives to bring her animal and portrait subjects to life by incorporating their emotions and movement into her work. “Capturing the soul of a person is important in my portrait work. I try to recreate what I see in the person, not just their likeness. I feel successful when my paintings stir an emotional response in the viewer.”