Who We Are:

The Village Potters Clay Center is a fully equipped Pottery with a retail that consists of galleries and distribution (clay, tools, equipment). We also offer ongoing classes for adults, demonstration and hands-on workshops, and an intensive Advanced Ceramics Program (Independent Study and Mentoring Program).


Our mission is to nurture creative exploration through education, experience, and community.


Sarah Wells Rolland

Owner/Co-Founder/Resident Potter/Instructor/Mentor

George Rolland


Lindsey Mudge

Director of Operations

Lori Theriault

Director of Marketing/Resident Potter/Instructor/Mentor

Judi Harwood

Resident Potter/Instructor/Mentor

Julia Mann

Resident Potter/Instructor/Mentor

Christine Henry

Resident Potter/Instructor

Melanie Roberston

Resident Potter/Instructor

Each of the Resident Potters operates their own clay business in the Resident Potters’ Studios, as well as hold various other responsibilities and positions within the company.

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