A Tribute to Amy Erde

A Tribute to Amy Erde

Recently, The Village Potters Clay Center lost a dear friend, Amy Erde. 

Six years ago, The Village Potters Clay Center was blessed to have Charles and Amy Erde both join us by taking pottery classes with Lori Theriault and a workshop with Sarah Wells Rolland. 

Charles recalled to me recently that Amy flew past him, and he decided pottery wasn’t his thing. However, Amy continued building her pottery skills with us. I had the wonderful opportunity to teach her as well.  In 2015, Amy became part of our Advanced Studies Program designed for serious students in the ceramic arts. Amy was serious, and soon converted the basement level of their home in Arden to a full equipped pottery studio! A devout Jew, Amy specialized in Judaica pottery, celebrating the timeless and sacred practices of her faith.

One of my favorite memories of Amy is  joining her and Charles in their backyard, and using less than perfect pots as target practice with rocks and a slingshot! I actually donated a couple of my own ‘smashers’ to the cause! This is just an example of how this beautiful couple would make lemonade, when life gives you lemons.

Amy lost her battle with cancer after 8 years. Her husband Charles says, “she kicked cancer’s butt for most of those 8 years.” That seems a fitting way to describe her battle. Amy didn’t mess around and had a straightforward approach to just about everything. I really admire that about her.

On behalf of all of us at The Village Potters Clay Center, we want to thank Amy and Charles for being a part of our TVPCC family. I will think of you each time I smash a dud, and remember to always look for a fun way to deal with disappointment. Amy, You will be missed! May her memory be a blessing.  

Judi Harwood, TVPCC Resident Potter