2020 Virtual Multi-Kiln Opening Celebration Kicks off American Craft Week!

If you were to stop by The Village Potters Clay Center you might assume that everything has returned to normal. In some ways it has. All seven of us who have our permanent studios here, teach, sell our work in the gallery, and work collectively on so many events and projects, are working every day to create new work and loading 8 kilns with exquisite pots as we prepare to kick off American Craft Week with our Virtual Multi-Kiln Opening Event on Saturday, October 3rd from 11:00am – 4:00pm. Yep, I said, 8 kilns! This consists of 4 gas kilns, 2 electric kilns, raku kilns and of course, the Kazegama (wood-ash kiln).

We are expecting to increase our audience and sales from previous years. Why, you ask? Well first, we always set our goals high. That’s how we roll. Second, the pots that I’m seeing in the studio are not only new designs, but they’re also exquisite! The creative energy around here is palpable! There is no escaping it.

This year rather than host the event in person, where we average over 600 guests in just a few hours, we will be hosting our event on Facebook Live. If you have enjoyed our Vessels of Hope Campaign then you are sure to love this day. We will be sharing demonstrations, opening kilns, showing pots, and selling them live. 

We will be demonstrating cool techniques and sharing the fun of a dedicated creative life. In past years we have had many visitors that stayed all day. They made their purchases and then would sit under tents and enjoy our presentations. This year you can purchase pots relaxing on your porch or in your living room – you can browse and purchase from our online shop, and if you see a piece (or pieces!) in one of our kiln openings that you want to purchase, just be the first to call in for it and it’s yours! And if you know how to cast the live-stream from your device to a smart TV, you can enjoy all our presentations on the big screen! 

If you are not already following us on Facebook then you can do it now. And check out our event page.

And if you’d like to plan to see specific presentations:

It’s a great time to shop for you and your loved ones, support artists, and small business!

I hope you tune in and join us! 

Our participating potters are: Judi Harwood, Lori Theriault, Tori Motyl, Julia Mann, Christine Henry, Katie Meili Messersmith, and me, Sarah Wells Rolland.

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