Apprentices: The Next Generation

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FRIDAY, MAY 21, 2016 – SATURDAY, JULY 16, 2016

Join us as we celebrate the talents of our Apprentices in a special,
juried exhibit and sale in our Feature Gallery.

Get to know our Apprentices through their Artist Statements:

Hannah McGehee: I fell in love with throwing in the 7th grade, and threw as much as I could until I reached Dartmouth College where I began working at the ceramics studio. Since then, I have continued teaching and creating my own work on the wheel and off, with ceramics becoming a larger and larger part of my life. Through ceramics, and figure sculpture in particular, I am able to gain a better understanding of bodies, movements, and expressions. I have only begun to learn how to tell stories, portray emotions, and communicate experiences through clay, and I look forward to pushing this farther.

Jenay Martin: I am interested in making a variety of objects that range from decorative wall hangings to something as intimate as a coffee mug. I love experimenting with form and surface as well as different clay bodies and alternative firing processes. I am particularly drawn to nature and the different cycles that occur. Clay is a medium that allows me to be closer to nature while having endless opportunities to experiment and play. Experimentation is a key factor to my creative process and it’s a large part of what inspires and drives my work.

Tori DiPietro: My desire to make good craft stems from my desire to feel a part of a greater world and connected to the people around me. I think that shows in the functional nature of my pottery. I work to make pottery that emphasizes use; pottery that provides a sense of comfort and stability both in the physicality of the work and the emotions it provokes. I want my pottery to exemplify clean simplicity, layered perhaps with a little nostalgia, like fresh floral linens and light lemon scented cleaner on a warm, breezy day with the windows open while you stand in the kitchen making tea in one of my cups.

Sarah Thurmond: My love for clay began on that serendipitous day when, as a barefoot messy-haired child, I found some natural clay buried in the back yard. I was immediately enchanted. I made all sorts of beautiful art only a mother could love, even a claymation video, and had such a sense of satisfaction feeling the clay in my hands and seeing the finished pieces I had made. Not a lot has changed since then. I still approach my work with the same whimsy and excitement as I did then. Most of my work is made for everyday use. For me, pottery is the most satisfying union of art and function. Sharing a cup of coffee, or a meal can create such a strong connection between people. A lot can happen around a table with good people and good food. I hope my handmade pottery will enrich those moments and cultivate deeper connections.

the village potters, asheville, nc, pottery, ceramics, gallery, apprentices, next generation, exhibit
Clockwise, L-R: Stoneware Mug by Tori DiPietro, Obvara Sculpture by Hannah McGehee, Carved and Pierced Porcelain by Sarah Thurmond, Horsehair Vessel by Jenay Martin.