The Potter’s Mark Line

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If you are looking for information on pottery from The Potter’s Mark, Welcome! Marty and Eileen Black, who created The Potter’s Mark, and notably their signature red glazes, have retired after a long and fruitful career. Their work, however, shall not retire! They have asked Village Potter Lori Theriault to continue their line, and she is thrilled and honored to take up the challenge of continuing the legacy of The Potter’s Mark.

the village potters, potters mark, marty black, eileen black, lori theriault

the village potters, the potter's mark, asheville, nc, red glaze, eileen black, marty black, lori theriaultThe process of this transition will not be quick, however. Test forms will be made, and glazes tested in a new kiln. Lori will initially focus on work carrying the “Spirit” glaze, while she also develops tests to consistently reproduce The Potter’s Mark signature Red glaze. She will be working with Marty and Eileen to learn about their forms, glaze mixing, application, and kiln firing. This process is expected to last no less than six months to insure consistent results.

the village potters, the potter's mark, asheville, nc, marty black, eileen black, red glaze, lori theriaultLori will be reviewing and fine tuning a list of pots that will be available for wholesale orders, and she is also accepting orders from Potter’s Mark clients who wish to add to their collection. Commission delivery dates¬†will be determined once the glazing process has been successfully and consistently produced.

Stay tuned to this page and to our Facebook page for more information and announcements as Lori develops and tests The Potter’s Mark line, and for an invitation to the Re-Launch Party in The Village Potters’ Feature Gallery.

If you would like to make an inquiry about a wholesale order or commission for new or replacement work, please email Lori at lori ‘at’

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