Reiko Miyagi

Masters Series Reiko Miyagi Sat. June 2nd 1:30-5:30 pm


This four hour demonstration workshop with Reiko Miyagi is sure to inspire! Her masterful techniques coupled with her soft and minimalistic forms are a joy to experience. She will share her personal approach with clay and her keen sense of excellence when making her pieces. If you have dabbled in scraffito or just love the technique then this workshop is one not to miss.

Sat. June 2nd 1:30-5:30 pm

For more information call us at 828-253-2424

“My work is inspired by the shapes from the natural world
and my belief in the connectedness of all beings and
objects. In earlier times Japan had a philosophy of
“Yaoyorozu no kami” or that all beings and objects have
spirit or holiness within them. All the beings and
surroundings have a spiritual meaning to me and they make
it possible for me to create my work. Although I could
never make a work with the perfect beauty one finds in
nature my art expresses my appreciation of this beauty as
well that nature and our surroundings make us what we

Reiko Miyagi

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