Masters Series Liz Zlot Saturday, October 6th, 2018 10 – 4:30 pm



This one day demonstration workshop is for the potter who loves hand building and loves functional pots. Liz Zlot is a wonderful hand builder. Her pots, created to be used exhibit her keen sense of design making her work recognizable at a glance.

“I find function a vehicle for expression, while also allowing approachability to my work.  Sets, such as creamer and sugars and salt and peppers, lidded containers, and pails are my primary forms. My work is small and intimate in size.  These handheld objects are constructed with slabs that softly drape over one another creating three-dimensional drawings throughout the surface of the piece. These lines are kept visible to accentuate the process of the making.”

Liz Zlot

Saturday, October 6th, 2018 10 – 4:30 pm    

Fee 165.00  

Currently Enrolled Students 125.00







17 Available