Sarah Throwing

“BIG” Exploring Throwing Big from Multiple Approaches with Sarah Wells Rolland


Making big pots is a dream for many potters. Making big pots with excellence and integrated design is one of a potters “big” challenges. In this class we will dedicate 5 weeks to throwing big pots. Each week we will explore a different approach from moving large volumes of clay to multiple approaches to sectional throwing, throwing with coils and more.  Then we will learn of to glaze these big pots successfully.

swr jm throwing big

If you want to have some fun and push the limits of your skill set then this class is for you.

We will fire up to 5 large pots each. Cone 10 R or cone 6 OX options

Wednesdays from 2-4:30 pm, July 18 – August 22

Fee: 395.00

*This fee includes glaze and firings. You will purchase your clay for this class.


4 Available