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Raku Saturdays with Judi Harwood!

Next Raku Saturday: Saturday, March 23, 2019 from 10am – 2pm

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If you are interested in attending a Raku Saturday other than the date above please contact

What is Raku, anyway?  Glazed pots are brought to about 1850 degrees in about an hour and a half.  Then they are taken out of the kiln at their hottest temperature, put into a reduction chamber (galvanized trash can) and allowed to ‘smoke’ for 15 to 20 minutes after which time they are put into water to cool.

Horsehair Raku: Pots are removed from kiln at 1350 degrees and hair from the tail of a horse is draped over the pot.  Watch it sizzle and smoke and create gorgeous organic black lines on your white pot.  Stunning!

Obvara: Pots are removed out of the kiln at 1650 degrees and dunked into a solution of water, flour, yeast and sugar (we provide), then dunked into water to cool.  This crazy technique is called Obvara.

You can try all 3 of these amazing techniques at our next Raku Day!  All you need to provide for the experience are your pots (3-5 pieces) already bisque fired.  We will provide everything else for you to experience the wonders of fire and smoke in Raku.  If you just can’t make the upcoming Raku Workshop, don’t fret… another one will be scheduled soon.  But be forewarned, this type of firing experience is so crazy and so much fun!  Our workshops fill up quickly.  Don’t delay!