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Digging a Deeper Well of Creativity

There is a wellspring of unique creativity within everyone. Those who know this and tap into this well daily are known as “The Artists”. The Artist is one who has chosen to take risk, to be an explorer. The artist digs and drinks from their deep well of creativity as a way of life.

An artist that teaches is an exceptional gift. To teach a person how to tap into their own well and find their own expression is in itself a unique form of creativity.

the village potters, pottery, ceramics, asheville, nc, pottery classesThe artist teacher leads the student to discover that they too have a deep well of creativity. Teaching is a noble pursuit. Teaching in the arts requires a unique approach that stirs the waters within the student and allows the student to discover their own source. By nurturing the pursuit of excellence in skill and technique, the teacher gives the student the tools to dig their own well. They equip the student to successfully begin their own creative pursuit, then, the teacher encourages the student to dig even deeper.

The Village Potters has such resident teachers in Judi Harwood, Karen Dubois and Jenay Martin. They are professional potter and artists who live this lifestyle of creativity and choose to nurture this in others as well. They share skills, techniques and hands on experience with the purpose to help students discover their own path.

Beginning students rarely refer to themselves as an artist, but usually after just one class they discover the desire and passion to create is a deep well within them too. The discovery continues as one finds that their own creativity is endless and timeless.


Judi Harwood, The VIllage Potters
Judi Harwood, a potter, sculptor and musician teaches on the potter’s wheel and sculpting. Judi also gives a mean demonstration on her ceramic drums!



the village potters, karen dubois, beginner handbuilding, pottery classes, teaching center, asheville, nc


Karen Dubois began her pottery career in Maryland, and brings to her students her own exuberance for exploring clay in form and texture. Karen teaches handbuilding classes and leads many of our Create Your Own Workshops.


Jenay Martin teaches beginning wheel classes here at The Village Potters. She studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Jenay is a Resident Apprentice at The Village Potters. She loves to teach and share her love for pottery and specifically working on the potters wheel.

 Exploring clay at The Village Potters Teaching Center makes it possible for a student to evolve into an artist. An environment of creativity, the studio, is where relationship and community can exist and the studio can be a remarkable place for growth.

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