Laguna Clays at The Village Potters

the village potters, asheville, nc, pottery, ceramics, river arts district, riverview station, laguna clayThe Village Potters (TVP) are now a distributor of Laguna Clay Company clays. The following clays are available at The Village Potters without pre-order (for small quantities):

Miller Clays:

Miller 900: Cone 6-10 A warm iron bearing stoneware. This clay body has marvelous throwing properties and fires tan in oxidation and a nice warm brown in reduction. Village Potter Sarah Wells Rolland has been using this clay body for over 15 years now. In Stock

Miller 850: Cone 6-10 A buff stoneware clay. This clay body has all the wonderful properties as the Miller 900 only less iron content making the clay a lighter stoneware. In Stock

B Mix Clays: We are thrilled to offer B Mix to our community. This white stoneware fires to a light grey in reduction. It has a firing range from 6-10 This is a popular clay for wood, salt and soda fire. We carry 3 different B Mix clays.

B Mix: Cone 6-10 A white stoneware clay body with super throwing properties. This clay body was created to stretch. Though it requires a bit extra attention than other stoneware clays this clay body is a dream for potters who love to throw and want a white canvas for the surface of their pots.

B Mix Wood: Cone 6-12 Like standard B Mix but with a broader firing range. Great for wood fire potters who have a lot of temperature variables in their firings. In stock

B Mix Grog: Cone 6-12. Also like standard B Mix, but with grog! In stock

Porcelain Clays: Porcelain clay is a clay every potter tries and some become completely enamored with. Its soft, plastic nature and it translucent white surface are captivating and worth the extra challenges say many potters. We are delighted to make Grolleg porcelain and Frost porcelain available to the potters of our region.

550 Grolleg Porcelain: Cone 6-10 Gorgeous white clay. The most popular Laguna Porcelain clay. Contains plasticizers to make this the finest translucent porcelain available for throwing, thin slab work and handbuilding. In Stock

570 Grolleg Porcelain: Cone 6-10 Gorgeous white clay. Similar to #550, but has a bit more tooth and can be fired a little hotter than #550. In Stock

Sculpture Clay:

Soldate 60: Cone 10 Varying particle sized  clay ideal for sculptors In Stock


***We can custom order any Laguna clay: Low fire, Mid range and High Fire. Just give us a call and we can get you started working with some of the highest quality clay in the US.

* Orders may be picked up on location at The Village Potters in Asheville, NC.

* Drop ship orders will be charged the listed TVP clay price + shipping fee & pallet fee (when applicable) to specified location.

To order clay: choose your clay, pound amount, fill in the information on order forms below (pages 2 and 3), and email order form to 

Payments are made by calling Lindsey at (828) 253­-2424 upon ordering. To learn more about what clay bodies are available for purchase: visit Laguna’s clay description links (below).

Clays Available for Order

Clays Cone 06, 2, 4 & Raku 

Clays Cone 5/6 

Clays Cone 8 & 10

Click below for downloadable order form:


If the above link does not work, email Lindsey at lindsey @ for a form.